Newsletter 27th January 2020

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We wish all our Members and Visitors a Very Happy New Year

    Welcome to our first meeting of 2020 and what an exciting year we have planned for you.

Tonight Peter Llewellyn is here to tell us about the Wild Flowers of the Russian Caucasus Mountains. Peter from Helsby is a very well travelled and knowledgeable Botonist. We are in for a treat I think.

This year the early bank holiday in May will move from Monday 4thMay to Friday 8thMay  marking the 75thanniversary of VE Day which takes place on 8thMay. This will enable people to pay tribute to those who served in one of the most significant events in our country’s history. Frodsham Town Council has accepted Her Majesty’s Pageant Masters invitation to take part in the celebrations.  The aim is to hold a parade and events for all ages over this special weekend with lots of other events being planned, there will be beacons being lit on the Friday night. For full details go online to

With this in mind, we all want Frodsham to look smart and tidy and it has come to our notice there are three raised flower beds between the Library and the Doctor’s surgery that are not looking their best.  We have been given permission to tidy these up. So, being a gardening club, we need a working party.  We need help in deciding what plants to fill them with, do we change the soil? Do we have three identical planters or different coloured schemes. Do we want perennials, or do we want annuals? Plants needing special care and attention would not be suitable so please bare this in mind. This has to be a joint club decision so we would really appreciate our members help.. This needs planning while the winter weather is here, then hopefully we will be ready by spring.  The plants will need a little time to ‘bed’ in ready for 8thMay.

One other detail, we need sponsors, or donations of quality plants. Can you help? This is a community project to brighten our lovely town.

Question:  What was the name of the WW11 campaign that encouraged British People to grow their own vegetables?                                                                                                  Answer somehere in this page.

Have you paid for your trip to Ashwood Nurseries yet? March may seem a bit away but Gwyn needs to book the coach and finalise payments, so don’t lose out on a really great visit. For those who went last May unanimously voted it one of the best visits we’ve done. Our timing should just be right to see John’s prizewinning Hellebores, and of course the tour of the garden and nurseries, and it goes without saying – there will be time for buying! – perfect timing for new plants in the garden in Spring – need I say more!   A.Dig for Victory.

It will soon be time to start sowing seeds or splitting plants so please don’t forget to bring your excess cuttings, seedlings and other saleable plants for the Charity table, if you have small pieces of working equipment you no longer use and could be of use to other members, then do bring it along to be sold at a small price or donation, Our charity this year is RHS Bridgewater Apprentices at Salford, so please give generously.

Maureen Coxon.  Newsletter & Publicity.