Newsletter 22nd October 2018

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Halloween Workshop

Good Evening and welcome to our Halloween Workshop. We know how you love a bit of fun and our guest speaker Eleanor Griffiths is the very person to show us how to go about it, tonight we will dress a pumpkin ready for the big day.

Besides Halloween being almost upon us, that unmentionable word – I’ll whisper it, (Christmas)…. Is not far off either and we have decided to enter the Frodsham Methodist Church Christmas Tree Festival again. The festival is from 7th–9thDecember with the tree decorating on Thursday 6th, so we have decided to give it another go as it’s a good way to promote our club and we have decided on a theme, this year our tree will be called ‘Mainly Snowflakes and Spirals’. Oh, and should you like to join us you will be mostwelcome. Your support would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to bring your spirals or snowflakes to our next meeting, brilliant.

Last month our talk was about ‘Flowers for Cutting’ and it really was interesting, Christine brought along so many different flowers it was astonishing. Well next month we’ll be on the wild side of our gardens with David Tideswell, he came to us a year or so ago and he gave us a very energetic talk about ROBINS. Now on the night of the meeting don’t be alarmed if you hear one…I mean a robin…whistling around – you will definitely hear it, but…. Well, you’ll understand on the night. Why don’t you tell your friends, everyone needs a laugh and he is a very entertaining gentleman.

The committee have been very busy planning next years’ itinerary, and I promise you it’s looking very good indeed, some very interesting speakers, some super visits planned, afternoon, evening and full day visits to beautiful gardens, so watch this space.

Out & About: Norton Priory, have a number of events, On 20thOctober, Owls Wildlife Workshop for families.  22nd-23rdOct. Witchcraft & Wizardry, daytime Halloween fun. 27th Oct Meet the Birds, a rare opportunity to see wild birds up close.                                                                                                                   Charity Table. Don’t forget, if you have some spare plants, or gardening equipment needing a new home do bring them  along to sell to other gardeners, all proceeds will be given to charity, remember too if it’s not sold by the end of the evening, don’t forget to take it home again.

Have a great evening.                                     Maureen Coxon, Newsletter and Publicity